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The Importance of Conferences + Conventions


Do you groan when you hear someone mention an upcoming conference, or unfollow someone on Twitter when they start live-tweeting conference or convention educational sessions? If you own a small business, you may simply think you don’t have enough time or money to book it and be away from work. Believe it or not, there are a great number of assets to attending conferences and conventions. In fact, here are a number of reasons you should make it a point to attend conferences and conventions:


Educational Tracks

Conferences are more than people just presenting information, data, and statistics. Conferences and conventions offer attendees an opportunity to learn from those you may have more experience than you in a specific area, or to even share your experiences with others. Educational tracks tend to vary in their topics, so find the ones that interest you most and try to attend.


Networking Opportunities

There are likely going to be many important people from your field attending a conference or convention, and this gives you an opportunity to network with them. You may find people who are willing to offer you referrals, or even give you their own business. If you’re on the job hunt, you may make an important impression on someone who is looking for someone with your skill set.


A Get Away

Granted, a conference or convention isn’t meant to be a vacation, but they’re often held in nice cities across the country. Frequently, if you haven’t had an opportunity to do much traveling, you can find quite a bit to do in the city outside of the conference. If given any free time or if there are no tracks you find interesting, feel free to get out and see some sights. Don’t spend all of your time wondering the streets, but enjoy some nice time away from the office.


Get Ahead

At many conferences and conventions, you’ll find leaders in the field. You’ll also find a number of people who are doing incredibly innovative things, advancing your field using new technology, and keeping up to date on all of the newest and most relevant revolutions. These people are often willing to share their knowledge and expertise, and can help put you ahead of your competition.


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