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Dealer ONLY Panel a Success

Day two of the 2016 Oregon Auto Dealers Convention was a very powerful day for dealers in attendance. The first two hours were dedicated to a closed door, dealer only session led by the panel of NADA Chairman Jeff Carlson, OADA President, Russ Humberston Jr., Oregon's NADA Director Sid DeBoer, OADA's attorney Craig Nichols, Paul Metrey and OADA Executive Vice President Greg Remensperger. "I truly think this was the most beneficial portion of any convention I have attended" state OADA incoming President Tim Urness. "We all face similar issues in our dealerships and the ability to share and discuss with our fellow dealers was comforting and educational. I truly think everyone in attendance went home with some better ideas and knowledge of how to face some touchy issues. It is beneficial to know you are not along in these issues. Coming up with solutions as a group only makes us stronger as a whole."

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